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TGA Wireless Recycling - FAQs


  1. Why recycle cell phones?

    Cell phones contain toxic metals that can pollute the environment and threaten human health

  2. How does recycling help?

    When recycled responsibly, the metals can be put back into circulation, decreasing the need for new metal mining.




  3. Do cell phones contain hazardous materials?

    Yes. They contain lead, mercury, and cadmium.

  4. Are cell phones dangerous in landfills?

    Cell phones in landfills can leach toxins into the environment. If thrown in the trash and sent to incinerators or landfills, environmental contamination can occur from combustion and leaching into soil and groundwater.

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Environmental Impact

  1. How many people recycle cell phones?

    Right now, it is estimated that only 10% of people recycle their wireless devices.

  2. What resources are used to make a new cell phone?

    Making a new wireless device consumes 10 gallons of gas and emits CO2 equivalent to burning 6 gallons of gas.

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How the Program Works

  1. How do I ship my phones to you?

    We provide a pre-paid shipping label for you to ship the phones to us. A common carrier (such as UPS or FedEx) picks up the phones at your desired location, and they are shipped to us at no expense to you for shipping costs.

  2. What happens to the phones I send in?

    We disassemble the phones and process them for recycling. All of our recyclables are processed in the U.S.  All non-recyclable material is disposed of in accordance with federal law and EPA rules.

  3. Do you recycle the packing material I use to ship the phones?

    Yes. We recycle all packing material, including the box you use to ship the phones to us.

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